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Tips Easy to Relieve Pain & Menstrual Symptoms

Tips Easy to Relieve Pain & Menstrual Symptoms – Obstacles for some people can cause pain. The pain of this obstacle can be related to the effects of contractions in the muscles filled due to changes in the composition of hormones in the body. For certain people, the pain of obstacles is only temporary and is easy. Unfortunately, not all feel about this.

Tips Easy to Relieve Pain & Menstrual Symptoms

some girls can experience the pain of menstruation that is internal and unbearable, which disturbs their daily activities. If you are one of them, you shouldn’t be afraid. There are some innocent ways for you who often experience nine continuous sensations during your next menstruation!

For women who experience pain or cramping during jackanugrahindonesia menstruation, there are several easy and simple ways to reduce the intensity, namely:

1. Warm compresses

Warmth can encourage a more rapid distribution of blood. Compressing the abdomen with warm water can make the uterine muscles calmer.

To do this method, you only need to prepare a vessel filled with warm water and a small towel. If you want a more effective method, now also has a warm compress of particles that you can use over and over again.

2. Light exercise

Even though you don’t want to do any movement when you feel the pain of your period, doing light exercise is effective in reducing stomach pain. Exercising is a natural pain reliever because it stimulates endorphins that can block pain.

The exercise you do doesn’t have to be long and intense. You can walk, bike or aerobic exercise at light to moderate intensity. Doing light exercise on a regular basis can also reduce the likelihood of painful menstruation.

3. Do yoga

except for sports that produce sweat, concentration and can act as a pain reliever. contemplation there are elements of the body that can stretch the muscles of the body.

What’s more, focus and have relaxation elements such as breathing techniques and meditation. This relaxation can reduce stress which is good for reducing pain. You can find out about Reflection Movements that you can do at home.

4. Massaging the lower abdomen

giving a little pressure to the stomach can reduce stomach pain during menstruation. massaging the abdomen with a twisting activity has proven to be quite effective in order to relax the abdominal muscles and childbirth. In addition, massage also has the potential to reduce stomach spasms.

as an extra, you can also massage your stomach with the help of essential oil or essential oil. Essential oil is able to increase the perspective of relaxation from its fragrance. Some types of essential oils that you can use are lavender, rose, cinnamon, saga leaves, and cloves.

5. Consume nutritious food and drinks

You also need to maintain your diet during menstruation. Certain types of food have an anti-inflammatory function that can reduce menstrual pain. Examples are berries, avocados, fatty fish, and some types of teas such as chamomile or ginger.

In addition, you also need to consume vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to the body. Foods that contain B1 and magnesium can reduce pain, inflammation, and also improve blood circulation.

Examples of foods that contain this vitamin are:

  • Wheat.
    Nuts and seeds.

6. Do not consume caffeine

Caffeine can cause constriction of blood vessels. During menstruation, caffeine can block the space in the womb and make the pain worse. Therefore, you should not consume coffee during your period.

If you want to continue consuming it, it is much better if you drink decaffeinated coffee. You can also maintain a high protein diet or light exercise to be an energy replacement that comes from coffee.

Those are 6 simple methods you can do to reduce menstrual pain. if you have problems or regrets around your period, don’t hesitate to carry out further discussions with contact the doctor through the application on your cellular device. Now, you can chat efficiently anytime and from anywhere.

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